Phyllis J. Tilley Bridge

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This beautiful pedestrian bridge will link trail connections to two of our city’s fastest growing residential centers – downtown and the cultural district.

Named in memory of one of Streams & Valleys’ founders, and designed by Boston architect Miguel Rosales in coordination with Fort Worth’s Freese and Nichols, the 384-foot Stress Ribbon style bridge is the first of its kind to be constructed in the United States. Streams and Valleys is proud to commit $250,000 towards the overall cost of the bridge, enabling the installation of elegant lighting created by Rosales.

The bridge will touch the west bank of the river in Trinity Park, just south of the Lancaster bridge. Along the east bank of the river, a 10’-wide, center striped trail has already been constructed by the Tarrant Regional Water District, connecting a future trailhead to a signaled crossing at Forest Park and 5th Street.

Completion of the Phyllis Tilley Memorial Bridge is projected for Summer 2012.

The bridge is complete: we celebrated the bridge’s dedication with a ribbon cutting and picnic.

UPDATE: APRIL 23, 2012
The bridge’s 163-foot-long arch is in place and the bridge nears completion!